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This isn't really a "love story," but it is about love...and it sort of tells a very very short story about finding your soulmate. I wrote it sometime in May last year...

It's called "When Two Paths Meet"

The darkness fell, fell and descended back to the bowels from which it came; but as it descended to its eternal hiding place, it was confronted with its greatest fear, with its predator, with its end. The light, filled with unimaginable joy and love, emerged from even deeper within the heart and passed through the darkness, joining its own, abolishing all traces of sorrow and despair. Life once again came to be, air filled the lungs, sight was again regained; and as the eyes opened, the mind observed the path it had unwillingly taken, the memories of loneliness, the pain and the suffering. With that, it turned away, from the path, from its past, and looked upon its future, saw what path it had met, saw its savior, its new life, saw the source from which the light that had saved it had come; and with great gratitude, joy, and love, embraced all which had laid before it, never letting go. From that moment on, the two were forever enthralled, bound to one another in eternal happiness; living not two incomplete lives, but one as a whole. They knew and understood that they would never forget that day, that joyous day, their two paths met.
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Thanks for giving me something new to read, and a new perspective fro mwhich to look at things. Maybe you actually being an active member of this community might encourage others to try. Anyway thanks, and I enjoyed it.
:-D Anytime bro...anytime...