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Somebody help me out

How about love stories this time, maybe that'll get a few more brains workin. I dunno, I'm sick of having nothing to read on livejournal, please oblige me. I know you all have poems, and stories about love, love lost, unrequited love, something about love, let me see them. I won't laugh I promise, I don't think anyone else will either.
It never stopped raining anymore. Andrew didn't understand it anymore than he liked it, but alas there was nothing he could do. He turned from the darkened window and faced the bed, the same bed he used to hold her in, the same bed she used to keep warm, and now it's just a bed. It used to be a dream, but now sleeping was a nightmare, or at elast getting to sleep, ocnstnantly looking at the empty grove where she used to lay. His eye felt a little wet and it was time for a little change of scenery, so he walked over ot the dresser and turned on the radio, it was time to get ready for work anyway. He heard the song and it hit him like a ton of bricks Ain't no sunshine when she's gone. He still wasn't ready to hear that song especially not now, when he had to go to work, and it seemed that the sun really did leave his life along with her. But he was a man and it was his job to be strong, to carry on, it wasn't his place to be sad, his father always told him a strong man can survive anything, but this heartache was starting to tell him something different.It's not warm when she's away. He was sweating now, it was cold though, he was shivering, and sweating. He couldn't understand it, but everyonce in a while he had a bout of cold sweatss. He shookit off with his I must be strong response and walked to the shower. He turned ff the radio just in time to hear She's gone much too long, Any time she goes away. He muttered to himself, ain't that the truth. As he immersed ihmelf in the steamy water, he realized that this was the only place it felt like she was still there, where there was still warmth in the world. He wanted to stay there forever, to die there, warm, and comfortable, but he knew he had to go to work. He couldn't put his father through the trouble of having a suicide in the family. So off he went to the mirror to ponder shaving where he looked at his haggard countenance and decided 'who'd notice'? Needless to say as he put on his suit and tie, he wasn't thinking about the water pouring from the sky, his eye was focused inward, wondering why her loss had hit him so hard, he never could figure it out, maybe it was her sudden departure, maybe it was that he never got to say goodbye, he didn't know what it was and he didn't erally want to know, he just wanted it to go away. Andrew resignedly pulled on his overcoat, and began his walk to work. He arrived early not that anyone would ever notice, nobody was ever there it seemed except for the corpses of yesterday's world. He walked to 'his office' and then he saw her name as he did every day, and his heart sank to remember that they had taken such divergent paths. He read that familiar name one more time, Martha and he saw those warm lips, Nadine and he saw those legs taht went for days, Miles and he could almost feel those warm arms he used to call home, and he wept. It didn't matter, the rain was coming so hard nobody could see him, he didn't care anymore. Then he hardened his resolve and made his was to his office, and took off his overcoat, it was time to work and he had an image to uphold. So he walked back outside in his siut and Tie, with his favorite tool, he called it Kristen after his little sister. Well it wasn't his favorite, but he couldn't bear to look at martha anymore. He took a step forward, and began his day of work as he did every other day. He reached his Destination, and he looked at his paper. Arthur Miles, 6' 3" and he began measuring with his eyes. 34" waist, and now that he had a mental picture he was ready to work. As he pushed his shovel into the wet earth and it gave the rain stopped, and the sun shone through. This was especially strange as it had not happened in a good 6 months, but he decided he would take it. H e outstretched his palm and looked toward the sky but was blinded by the light. The next thing he knew was he was at home in bed with Martha and she was stirring him to awaken. He was so relieved when Little Arthur Miles came running into his parents bedroom. A smile slithered across ihs face, and he ran to the mirror. He was clean shaven, and wrinkled haggard countenance gave way for a smooth opulent face. His hair wasn't grey and when he realized that he was only dreaming, he let out a shout for joy. Then the rain started again...
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