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Written on September 2nd, 2003

"Refusing To Die"

On the floor...
It's blood...
My blood...

I feel cold...
Everything seems to be getting darker...
Tears come to my eyes and I realize
That I'm dying
I can feel myself letting go, slipping away...

But I can't, I won't...
There's so much more to be done, so much more to see
And what of the ones I love?
No, I am not going to leave them
I will not go softly into the night
I won't lose this fight...

The cold fades
I feel nothingness, not the tears running down my cheek, not even the blood or the floor beneath me
Yet, vaguely, I am still here
But the darkness still spreads
Like a plague, clouding my vision...

It's hard to breathe now
My eyes want to close
I struggle to keep them open
I struggle to breathe...
But I keep going, keep alive
On thoughts of things that made life worth living...

Time passes and the struggle gets harder
How long will I be here?
Is help on the way?
I don't know where I am...
And I don't know why
But there is one thing I do know...

I refuse to die
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