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Ok so I wrote this in first or second grade, I can't even look at the handwriting and tell because I still pretty much write like that, anyway, on to the story.

I. War over kittens
My dad and I have been arguing over if my cat should have kittens or not. I won the argument. But I shouldn't get ahead in my story.
My dad still thinks that I'm not responsible enough for kittens yet. I'll get them soon enough. We have spotted male cats on the premesis.
II. Memories
I can still remember when my cat was a kitten. I raised her from a kitten she still isn't one year old yet but I'm still proud of her.
My cat grew so fast sometimes I wish she was stil a kitten I miss having her make noise in the house.
III. Behind the back
The problem really escalated when we didn't know Socks was mating she started acting weird but we didn't notice anything.
IV. Pregnancy
Finally I remembered something I read about cats that when they are pregnant their teats start showing. I noticed this when socks was laying down.
When my dad found out he wanted socks neutered now. But then my mom said let nature take it's course. My dad still wanted her neutered when the kittens came.
V. Kittens
When the first one came out I was beside myself in exitement. Then the second and third came I was even happier. Cats still arent my dads favorite animals but now he can deal with them.

So yeah that was my story, now you kids try. If you don't have anything from elementary school, I guess just wait until next week when we'll have a different theme. Hopefully this community can get going. Promote it or something, we need more people. If you don't want to write thanks for reading.
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