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I do believe it's time this community got going, so here goes. It's time for our first theme. You don't have to post anything, but it would be nice.
Anyway the theme is......

Find something you wrote in elementary school and post it
note* with all the spelling errors, punctuation errors, and all the things that make childrens' writing wonderful.

Ok so here's the reason behind all that. I figure if everyone sees where everyone else came from, maybe people would be more comfortable posting in this community. I know it's a lot to ask people to share some of their most personal thoughts and such, but if you never share them, you'll never get to share your gift, point of view, or experiences, and we'll keep walking around the world closed faced never saying hello to strangers for fear they might not like us. Or they might think us inferior. Seriously though, only write if you feel comfortable.
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