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a true story.

Jane mindlessly chewed on her once long fingernails while listening half-heartedly to her co-worker pontificate on some drab, useless subject. She was the sort that generally tried to avoid any and all social situations, which was part of the reason she loathed waking up in the morning and having to go to work. Today was no exception. Jane had a lot of pent up anger, and had half a mind to tell her coworker to shove it. She wasn't payed enough to have to put up with self-important assholes on top of obnoxious customers. Of course she never said anything. Starting a fight would mean running the risk of getting fired. And she couldn't get fired. Adding another failure to the list was something she could not handle. Why she had let her mother coerce her into taking this job in customer service was beyond her realm of understanding. Politely excusing herself to go to the bathroom, Jane was finally able to escape the one-way conversation. She grabbed her purse and ran straight out of the store. Not stopping until she reached the bus stop two and a half blocks away, Jane fumbled through her purse and found her cigarettes, lit one, and didn't smoke it. She knew no one at work would even notice she was gone until the next morning, but still could not shake the feeling of anxiety. A bus, with a hopelessly tacky grey and green checkered pattern arrived and she got on. She spent the next three hours deliberating where she was going to go, when she looked out the window and saw a wall cluttered with illegible graffiti. Leaning against the wall was a man she could only assume was homeless because of his torn and filthy clothing. Feeling an unexplicable need to speak with the homeless man, she got off the bus at the next stop and walked 3 blocks back to the wall in hopes of finding him. He could not have moved more than an inch in the half hour since she last saw him, and she felt a sudden surge of hope in seeing him again. She approached him cautiously, cleared her throat and began to say something. He lept up and pressed his fingertips to her lips, not allowing her to speak. He gently bent down and kissed her forhead, slipped a paper into her hand, and walked away. Jane stared at the paper in utter disbelief. She read the two words scrawled in messy handwriting over and over again, far longer than it would have to take to commit to memory. Finally she pocketed the paper and walked away with a smile, knowing she had just come face to face with god.

i was bored and i wrote it. if you like it, tell me.
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