I thought this was over (localpunk) wrote in broken_phrases,
I thought this was over

The sun rose over the left side of I-25 and Carolyn stirred in the passenger seat. She hated roads at night. She was an avid reader, and she was dismayed that when she looked out the window at night those blank fields of Colorado couldn't match the gory she'd read so much about. It just seemed that every time she read a story it took place along a highway, but the highway wasn't just the setting, it seemed to become a part of the story, almost a character in itself. As the sun began to set the cows seemed to lose their charisma, and the sporadic threes that had once seemed so strong in their solitude seemed to lose novelty as the sun world lost light.

Michael was driving, he thought it was cute how Carolyn had moved from the backseat to the passenger seat to greet the rising sun. He hated driving at night, but even more than that he hated those roadside motels that he alwas thought were so creepy. besides they were just going to Arvada, which was just outside denver. He loved Colorado it made him feel like a man to wear his long johns under his flannel shirts and Jeans. It made him feel manly to know that he held a life in his hands as Carolyn dozed softly in the passenger seat. He almost regretted leaving the road that morning, but alas they were in Arvada and his stohach was grumbling.

Carolyn began stretching as she caressed MIchael to look at the "beautiful sunrise". And all of a sudden Michael began to wonder why sunrises were so beautiful. Why are sunrises beautiful? Why isn't a blizzard beautiful? He thought blizzards were far manlier than Sunrises, and deserved more reverence. Carolyn could see the sardonicism in his eyes as he drank in her glowing body. 'Maybe this is why sunrises are beautiful, it's because the sun brings life everywehre.' As he thought this, Carolyn began contemplating what se wanted for breakfast, she decided that french toastwould be a nice romantic breakfast, but Michael had other plans. As they pulled out of the exit he saw a truck stop across the street from the waffle house he was originally contemplating, and hte said "babe, I'm hungry for some man food, I'm unna go get me some" And carolyn rolled her eyes, knowing full well that she'd follow him to the end of the earth, even if it was cluttered with those utterly bland trucks with no personality. Or maybe she'd just pull a book out of the glove compartment, and watch him feed his ego.
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