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he invaded my sleep....

wrote this in the morning, around 6:45 in the back of the orchestra room. I held it in my head all morning, and I don't normally remember my dreams. But this seemed important. So I kept it.
"He," in case you were wondering, is real.


He invaded my sleep.

Last night I had a dream. Dreams are rare for me, and when they do come, they’re rarely pleasant. I don't like remembering them.

He invaded my sleep last night.

Odd. That’s all I remember feeling. I drove up to a place I didn’t recognize in a car that wasn’t mine. I think it was a civic. Definitely not mine. A rental, maybe.

I climbed out and looked down at myself uncomfortably when I noticed I was still wearing the clothes I sleep in. So I decided not to anymore. I looked down again and this time I was wearing my long jeans skirt and my big GMAC Championships shirt. ‘Cause it’s comfortable.

I walked to the corner of the dream, if that makes sense. There was a long line of a sort of fencing. Thick wood, spread sparsely, with vines crawling around the chain link in between each post. So I went to the corner. There was a family there. They didn't see me as I walked closer, nor as I blended in between them. Invisible. So I settled my arms on the molding wood and put my chin on my hands. I looked around and on the other side was a sort of lake. With smooth rock at its edges right up to the fencing.

The family was all on the outside of the fencing. One on my left, and the rest to my right. I didn’t look at them so I didn’t see what they looked like, or how many there were.

Then I noticed why the family was there. On the other side of the fence was a person. He and the family were talking and laughing as he leaped from the rocks to the water for a while. He was silly.

I watched him for a time. It made me almost sad, so my eyes drifted to the rock.

I stood there for a while, staring at the rocks. When I lifted my eyes again, the person on the other side was in the water and looking directly at me as if trying to place where he knew me from. Staring. Intruding. So I looked away again. The family was still talking and joking as I pulled away from the place I’d felt rooted to and turned around to find that ugly car waiting for me.

I thought “I have to get on a boat if I plan on getting back to America before dinner.”

I looked back before climbing into the left side of the car to drive home, because I don’t know how to drive a car from the right side, and I saw the one who was staring at me climbing over the side and starting toward me, but then he looked kind of torn as his family was moving to walk away, out of the edge of my dream.

I just turned away. I climbed into the ugly car, turned it on with a click and drove away down a forest path. I looked in the rear view mirror to see if he had left yet, but he was just standing there, watching me leave. I looked at myself in the mirror and my eyes looked puffy like I’d been crying, but I couldn’t remember tears or why I would have reason to.

Then it was night. I was home, and we’d finished dinner, so I went on the computer. He were there, as always.

I don’t know exactly what he said first. I think something about speaking. Making it known when I go somewhere, so in case there’s someone there that I want to see me, they’ll know.

Just sat there for a while. Then I nodded and said “You took my camera.” Don’t know why. Don’t remember having it with me in the dream. But he said I was right, so I left it at that.

Then I lifted my legs into the chair and wrapped my arms around them and shut my eyes tightly. I opened them again to the sound of my alarm.

He invaded my sleep last night.
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