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Outside of the window, dust kicked across the sky glowed orange. Formations ignited from underneath strewed warmth into the resilient wood floor. Kitchen pans hung still. Threatening to breach the walls, a swift unholy wind scoured the streets and avenues.

They held each other closely and shoveled each other’s darkness into the closet. With open arms they took in the light given to them. The winds did not touch them for justice weights kept them grounded.

And then the windows shattered. As all was falling into place the walls fell apart. Crushed windows bled light. The pressure inward advanced on the two lovers locked in peace. The sky plummeted. A dust storm of locusts, led by a trio of horses burning clouds in their path, set its sights on the apartment. As the world was going to fold, the vertex would find its place here.

Winds swept in mercilessly. Words whispered to ears are lost in the flow. Their fingers dug deep into each other’s backs, gripping tightly. They wished their hopes would come and deliver them. Upon their wishes came murderous hands, ripping off the blindfold that protected them. Unsheathed, they were together and as vulnerable as the open night sky.

Buildings leaned inward to the bed. Their shaking bodies folded over each other in desperation. Fingers clenched the others’ fists so hard bones cracked and ripped. An air so strong forced it’s way into their mouths, collapsing their rising chests. Fragile, broken bodies began their descent to the ground.

Each falling floor brought another on top of it. Lives waited to be delivered into peace and final understanding. The foundation grew in thirsty smoke. They felt motion as orange skies above pushed them downwards. Words they tried to let out could not reach their tongues. They were kept with each other on the plight down, with their incomplete lives.

And they opened their eyes upon smashing into the foundation. Cracked and broken bodies stared at one another with dust filled eyes. While now holding in their own darkness, their unhinged minds replayed their final thoughts ; The last minutes of my life have been spent with a total stranger.
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