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During Chamber orch this morning Hudson told me and a few others to listen to a piece of music without knowing the name or what it was supposed to be about or what it was supposed to represent and then write what we saw. It's supposed to go on a poster to be on display to show that music makes people be able to read/write better, or something like that. I dunno. So... I wrote what I saw. And then exaggerated a bit. And this was the result. I guess. Well, this is what I gave Hudson. Sort of. I don't have the exact version I gave him, since I left it on his computer, but this is the original handwritten version with as many of the modifications as I can remember. I'm going to stop rambling now.

As the day turns into night, a war on a distant hill fades and dies with the last light. Fires burn brightly in the new darkness, surrounded by lifeless bodies. The world goes black and seems to stop.

Suddenly a small light shines out of the darkness. A single life shows face in amidst the battlefield. The only man left alive awakens. In his sights all he can see are bodies downed and bleeding. His eyes come into focus and he's able to see the faces of the misshapen forms to find that he knows them. His men, his chivalry... his friends... are all surrounding him, mercilessly slain.

As he begins to mourn the loss of his friends, he comes to realize his own wounds. A sword during battle had cut through his armor and sliced his flesh deeply. He discovers that he is bleeding heavily from it and the pain hits him. Breathing becomes difficult as his eyes fall in and out of focus, finally realizing how badly he's been wounded.

Slowly, the only remaining man of this war dies, and the song comes to a peaceful close.

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