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who drew first blood?

What was it that had happened? I woke up in a daze with a pain in my head. All I knew was that my search for my wife had left me exhausted and broken. I no longer knew where I was, what time it was, and why I my wife was missing. All I remember was shopping in the local strip mall, and while she was shopping she seemed to have gone missing. All I remember was after looking through the store I hurried into the car and followed the road. I didn't know where I was going but I kept driving I drove until I was out of gas, I drove until I couldn't hold my eyes open anymore. I woke up and te struggle to open my eyes was as if I was fighting the hounds of hell, The devils minions himself; striving for the light, as they tried to drag me off to hell. After A while I looked around and I found myself on the side of a busy highway, overlooking a quiet farm where the wheat stalks bared their faces to the sun without a care in the world, where the cows grazed peacefully without a thought of the impending doom they faced in the slaughterhouse nearby. I watched the cows and I began to walk, oblivious to the fact that I was alone in the world, that my wife was missing. I watched the cows and I began to understand their lives. Life wasn't a journey, there was no destination, there was just time, and at the moment it was time for me to wander, and explore the wonders of this world. I felt that my battle to escape my sleep was nothing compared to the lightness I felt as I looked at the sky and for the first time in my life believed in a god. I understood what faith meant. I no longer feared the los of my life, my money, or even my wife. I knew that for some reason god would keep her safe, and if he didn't there was a very god reason for it. As I began to wander, I noticed that the cars began to pass by slower and slower, and so I figured I'd mosey on over to the other side of the road, to see waht the chicken was so hopped up about. As I stepped into the road I notices the slightest hum, almost like an oncoming stampede, but I chalked it up to the cows moseying about the pasture. And as the hum grew louder my peace grew, and it grew and it grew and it grew, until a pain worse than anything I've ever felt before, as my head rolled down the highway, as a hooded trucker drove his trailer down the road. Next thing I knew I was next to my wife as we went for a ride.
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