sophie (xero_the_loser) wrote in broken_phrases,

Indescribable awakenings. I wake to the sound of music. It plays on and on. The needle starts to scratch and the music slows down. "Indescriable" he says to me. I start to ask why but I choke on my words and nothing comes out. He sips his coffee,smiles, and I find myself staring. My mind is ina another place,Im on road. Kicking at a pebble on the dust covered ground. I keep kicking the little stone trying to keep it in front of me but I lose a step, and as I continue walking, I leave the pebble behind. I start my walk back and I can almost feel his presence. Surrounding me like the dust that still lingers in the stifling humidity, but I'm wrong. He is at home, sipping his coffee and muttering to himself about such seemingly unimportant things. He smiles again like he does and I'm alone. On a road kicking at a pebble on the ground covered in dust that still lingers in the air. My mind is in another place and it's getting dark now. "Indescribable" he says to me, and this time I dont choke.
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