I thought this was over (localpunk) wrote in broken_phrases,
I thought this was over

crazy miners

nder a mountain 6 hearts beat, not in unison, but each was defiant. It was the beginning of the 3 A.M. shift, and Bill, Alan, George, James, Timothy, and Gretchen had to dig coal out of the walls. They chatted Idly on the way down, wondering if the 11 P.M. crew had found anything interesting. Occasionally the miners found things that they found interesting, like skeletons from cave-ins before the new safety regulations, and old cover-alls that the ancient miners used. As the elevator slowed to a stop, the crew looked out at the tired dusty 10 o'clock crew, and noticed only 10 blank eyes staring back at them. James spoke first, hey Mike how'd you guys make out, and where's Vladimir?

Vladimir was the new guy, it was his first month, and he worked as hard as he could ot earn the respect of his fellow miners. He owuld often pack lunches to share with his colleagues because he had wanted nothing more than to be a miner since his childhood, when he witnessed his uncle return from work coal black one day. He adored his uncle until the day when he didn't return from the mine. Since then he wanted revenge on the mountain and nothing more. Mike Replied, "well we found another one a them skulls y'all is always talkin about. And the crazy Russian, he went off in one of the tunnels somewhere, and we ain't been able to find 'im." James returned the cold stare with a look of surprise, and shrugged his shoulders, well we've got to get to work. Thanks for fillin us in. He and his crew exited the elevator and let the old crew on. As the old crew entered the elevator Mike brushed his up against gretchen, and attempted to fondle her helmeted hair. Che shook iwth disgust as the elevator rose towards the surface that they wouldn't see for another 5 hours.

As the crew picked up their pickaxes Gretchen and James had a little discussion, "Ya know jame's there's something funny about that there crew goin up the elevator."

Yeha he replied, that's the fifth guy they've lost in 3 months. Yeah, it's pretty weird."

The dusty crew was rising quickly now and their spirits rose with their altitude. Mike turned to them and said, we'll fellas we did it again. I bet taht Gretchen is one tasty broad." he turned to the crew they nodded their assent with that sinister smile they'd been wearing since they started rising.

They got to the top, and filled out an accident report.
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